During last year’s EU Referendum, Patryk Majewski began exploring the roots to his native home of Poland and how the process of the UK’s separation from the European Union will affect the ties to his birthplace.


Using still life photography to explore ideas of reminiscence, the artist uses different objects in still life compositions to investigate emotions in relation to personal connections. Various symbols of his childhood, both from his native country and the UK, explore themes of nostalgia and the transient nature of growing up. Individual images are associated with significant memories and sensory recollection triggers. Together, these create a chronological reflecting upon the concept of travel, migration and adaption to new environments.


Memories are often distorted in the mind, and photography influences that distortion. Photographs taken in negative circumstances, when seen in hindsight, can create a fake illusion, which positively influence our opinion on the time the photographs were taken. The photographs in this series explore these abstract concepts via objects, to reflect upon the fallibility of human memory.


Left to Right:

  • It smells so fresh there

  • I’ve not been back in a long time

  • There’s so many of them here

  • It’s not how I imagined

The Old Truman Brewery, London
Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge